Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Ephemeral Creative?
A. We are a Wedding Photo & Film House, meaning we offer both photography and film services for weddings. Ephemeral Creative was started by two photographers, Trent and Jessie and now includes Tim and Cameron, our two videographers.

Q. How would you describe your style and the way you work?
A. Our approach is relaxed, calm and unobtrusive to capture real moments rather than set up shots. During the portrait time we offer guidance to best utilise the light and environment and to help you feel comfortable. However, our favourite images and video are always the in between moments, when you relax that bit more and we're able to honestly capture you and your love.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We’re based in Brisbane, Queensland, however we often travel within Australia and internationally.

Q. Who takes photos? Who films?
A. On the day Trent and Jessie will be photographing and Tim and/or Cameron will be filming. We've put together a team where we know each other well, we understand how each of us works and our styles are cohesive, enabling us to work seamlessly together to produce a beautiful product, where the photos and film truly compliment each other. 

Q. Can we book just one photographer?
A. Short answer - no. When you book our photography services, both Trent and Jessie will be there to document your day. Having two professional photographers ensures less time pressure, a calm atmosphere and more opportunity for different angles and honest moments to be captured. It also means that you are getting the benefit of two main photographers, rather than a professional photographer and a less experienced second shooter.

Q. I can’t decide if I want both photo and video?
A. We’re big believers in investing in what you value. We suggest you work out what you want to prioritise and what you value most and start there. Some love the simplicity of having their day purely captured in photos, others really value motion and audio and want their wedding captured in photo and film.

Q. Do you offer film only packages?
A. At this time we don't offer our film services separately. You can book photo only, or photo and film.

Q. What if our wedding is interstate or overseas, can you still come?
A. Yes, we love to travel, the four of us have our passports at the ready. We’re super keen to travel and can make this as affordable as possible for you.

Q. We're not very comfortable in front of the camera...
A. That is completely okay. We keep things very relaxed, we offer direction and promise to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Most of a wedding day for us is just documenting what is happening, so you won’t really know we are there.

Q. What is the booking process and how do we secure our date?
A. To lock us in we require a non-refundable booking fee and a completed booking form.

Q. When will our photos and film be ready?
A. Within 6-8 weeks of your wedding we will deliver your images to you via an online gallery, where you can download high resolution and low resolution versions of your images, all edited, no watermarks, in a jpeg format. If you have booked a wedding film you will also receive this in the same time frame.

Q. Can you record the audio of our ceremony and speeches on video?
A. Yes, we can provide the video footage and audio of your ceremony and speeches.

Q. Can we have our favourite song in our highlights film?
A. The short answer is probably not, unfortunately unless we can obtain licensing for that particular song, using it in a wedding film is illegal as it would breach copyright and could result in a large fine and essentially put us out of business. For this reason we source all music from licensing sites and pay to use them.

Q. Do you require a meal on the day?
A. Yes, we would be super appreciative if you could please provide each of us with a meal at your reception.

Q. What are your prices?
A. Our prices start at $3,600. For more detailed information on what we offer please get in touch via our contact page.

Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you, email us at